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High-Performance Windows

Scientific Ratings Set High-Performance Windows Apart

How do you know you have chosen an eco-friendly window? Start with basic window science and you will learn eco-friendly windows are high-performance windows. Replacing inefficient windows with high-performance is a smart move toward reducing energy consumption.

Know More Before You Shop for Windows

Before you buy new windows make sure you spend time learning key terms that will be featured in high-performance windows. Basically, a wise investment in eco-friendly windows begins with knowledge of key terms such as U-Factor, Visible Transmittance, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, and Air Leakage. These terms refer to measurable energy efficiency ratings for windows and doors. They are also the science behind high-performance windows and doors. High-performance windows designed using up-to-date scientific knowledge are durable, weather-tight, and reduce the overall energy consumption of the home. Additionally, extreme weather events, as well as changes in average seasonal temperatures, call for windows with multiple panes, inert gas fills, and non-conductive frames. Multiple pane windows have warm-edge spaces and inert gas fills to keep outside temperatures outside and inside temperatures inside. Non-conductive window frames also help to maintain the interior climate of the home. When shopping for windows and doors ask your Window Source representative to show you the NFRC energy-efficient ratings and key features.

Learn Even More About High-Performance Windows

To learn more about high-performance windows, the pictures and captions below provide additional information about window energy efficiency. High-performance windows have a low U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). The National Fenestration Rating Council is The NFRC is an independent non-profit organization that establishes objective window, door, and skylight energy performance ratings to help you compare products and make informed purchase decisions. The NFRC Rating for The Window Source’s high-performance 9000 series window is better rated than a double-pane window and is better rated than a double-pane insulated glass window. When you look at the corner cut of a sample high-performance window the scientific terms make sense and you will be able to shop with confidence.

For additional tips go to this The Window Source blog page explaining NFRC energy-efficiency ratings or check out this article on Why You Should Consider Eco-Friendly Windows for Your Spring Remodeling Plans.

The National Fenestration Rating Council helps consumers purchase high-performance, energy-efficient products with confidence. Windows, doors, and other more are rated on U-Factor, Visible Transmittance, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, and Air Leakage.
The displayed NFRC rating is based on the 9000 Series Double Hung Window and may vary in size,
series, type, and options. Use this to choose high-performance ratings with confidence.
The Energy Miser, triple pane, insulated glass pack unit has the highest rating.
This corner cut shows an insulated glass unit with double panes, Low-E glass coating,
a Warm-Edge Spacer and Argon Gas fill between the panes.

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